I began to draw an imperfect torus doodle over and over, exploring these energetic curves of life and death, paths taken and not taken - cyclical thought patterns made visual by a simple line. The idea of tents, coverings, skin, or some amalgamation of those came into play as I began to take these lines off the page into three dimensional space. I imagined these objects as having some power to hold the human spirit, like the sacred coverings that we call Tabernacles used in Christian funerary traditions to drape over the deceased as they journey on to the next destination.

Employing materials that have a useful history, I incorporated the Uhaul moving blanket. Reincarnated, these recycled blankets have journeyed all over the country, covering families cherished belongings, until they made it into my hands. Indigo and dirt are both used in dying the works in this show, and they too have a relationship to life, decomposition, transformation and alchemy. Interconnected patterns of circles play into this work again. Rings and circles are a symbol of wholeness and unity, having no beginning and no end, an infinite loop of creation, destruction and rebirth.

One can see the infinite possibilities

in gazing at the stars;

the vast expanse of time

cradled in an old forest;

the places one can travel

by standing still.