Mouth Wide Open

Mouth Wide Open, 2019.

A series of sound scores drawn from my teeth as they morph and evolve with my ever increasing entropic state of being. An ode to my vanity. A portrait of contrived, formal epigenetics. A reflection on what biologists are beginning to uncover about the complex dance of genes that create personality and identity, a dance that stretches far into the past and shows that each “identity” is composed of a swirl of different influences. If the arrangement of my teeth, something seemingly so solid and stationary, can be changed and redirected over the course of a year - what other aspects of my identity and genetics which seem fixed are actually fluid?

“When we really look at ourselves, then, and the things around us that we took to be so solid, so stable, and so lasting, we find that they have no more reality than a ... A Mirage, a cloud castle, A dream, an apparition, Without essence, but with qualities that can be seen.”

~Sogyal Rinpoche